Mit uns ist alles möglich

Mit uns ist alles möglich


As a lawyer specializing in criminal law, I am active in all areas of criminal law, such as

– General Criminal
– Pharmaceutical Law
– bribery
– Narcotic law
– Arrest – corrected –
– Pardon
– Liability law
– Juvenile justice
– personal injury
– Co-plaintiff
– Victims’ Rights
– Ordnungswidrigkeitenrecht
– Steuerstrafrecht
– Criminal law enforcement
– The penal law
– Homicides
– Remand
– Traffic Criminal
– Asset Criminal Law – strike! –
– Commercial Criminal Law.

My work also includes Dependencies that can be relevant in the criminal law, for example, Deposit things, attachment proceedings, civil action, claims
under the Law on Compensation for prosecutions.

License / driving license law

The license ( the license is only the evidence of the driver’s license ) is very important for most people , their loss is often even life threatening , for example, when it is needed for the workplace.

It is known that a motorcycle can lead under the influence of alcohol to disqualification from driving a vehicle, from a blood alcohol level of (current) 1.1% o even is mandatory and that before the re- issue of the license , a medical-psychological examination may be required .

What is not so well known that the license may be at risk even if a criminal conviction or a fine is to be expected.

An examination of the suitability to drive a motor vehicle may or must be made by the driver licensing authority if, for example the consumption of narcotics or a disease (eg diabetes) is known , since this reduces the fitness to drive – may be lacking , with the result that the license should be revoked – even if innocent in individual cases.

I am happy to take in these cases, your advice and / or representation , because it is useful , often necessary in early to appoint a suitably qualified lawyer / attorney in these matters.