My work as a lawyer , that is, legal advice and / or representation , of course, costs money.

Since at the beginning of a mandate in the rule is not yet known how evolved the matter of whether a trial will be necessary or operated how much effort and what measures must be taken , the total amount of the costs , including the costs incurred at this time can at best be roughly estimated .

I am counting on principle by the Lawyers’ Remuneration Act ( RVG) . Thereafter, the level of compensation usually depends (especially in civil law ) of the dispute or process value .

In appropriate cases or extensive and / or complicated matters I conclude from individual compensation agreements.
This may be particularly the case in criminal matters , because there is no dispute or process value at which the amount of compensation is calculated .

Unless already in my assignment foreseeable that this is a case of the necessary criminal defense , I’m also willing to carry out the mandate on the basis of a legal defense and to apply for this .

The same applies in civil or other proceedings in so far as it is apparent that a right to process or legal aid exists .

The civil law allows the attorney to request a retainer fee prior to the start or continuation of its activities covering the estimated applicable charges. Because I come with my work in advance and my costs and expenses incurred must be covered , I urge usually by my client a reasonable advance . The price paid

Advance is of course taken into account in the final costing.